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Anxiety is a short term mental illness frequently seen in youths(specially female). Lasting around 4 to 5 days it can get transformed into Depression, which may drag related patient to do some self injuries or even suicide. 

Source of Anxiety and Depression:- Anxiety and Depression is one of the serious issue mostly ignored in Indian subcontinent.  Ranging from personal problem to responsibility and expectations imposed by parents, society to some serious health issue are seen as a source this mental illness.According to data released by WHO in 2020, around 7.5 % Indian was suffering from permanent mental disorder till October 2020 and it was expected to rise up to 20 % at the end of year. 

COVID-19 role:-

Covid-19 has played a major role in amplifying the statistics by imposing self isolation, social distancing, job loss, employment loss and loss of closest keens due to virus. Impacting Women and teens was most, this pandemic has increased domestic abuses for housewives and mental pressure of continuing studies on teens. More or less COVID -19 has depressed every strata of society,ranging from poorest to richest.

Government initiative to tackle mental illness:-

In order to tackle mental health issue Gov. of India launched National Mental Health Programme (NMHP) in 1982 at country level and further extended it’s scope to district level in 1996. This programme was re-strategized in 2003 to include two schemes,

  • Modernization of state’s mental hospitals
  • Up-gradation of psychiatric wings

Further Mental Health Care Act 2017 was passed on 7 April 2017 which provide mental heath care and service for persons with mental illness and to protect, promote and fulfill the right of such persons.

Remedies to rise from mental sickness:-

  • Yoga and nutritional food are fastest and permanent cure to anxiety and depression.
  • People with such issue shall try to talk their problem to their closest friends, family member without self judging for a second.
  • Listening some romantic ,old love songs can get you out with momentarily anxiety.
  • There is a homeopathy medicine called KALI PHOS help you to get mental balance.

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